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If you love ice cream and being healthy, you have come to the right place! Doctor Icecream offers you a wide range of ice-creams with some organic products, rich in flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, antioxidants and fibres. On top of that, all our  ice-cream is made without using any added sugar, lactose nor gluten. This gives the opportunity to all our customers to enjoy the experience of an 100% Vegan ice-cream stress free!
All our principal ingredients are selected following the London Farmers Markets guidelines, ensuring organic products which are grown at a maximum of 150 miles from where you are eating it!

Aronia Doctor Icecream


Blueberry Doctor Icecream

Pomegranate vegan label

Squash Doctor Icecream

Black Cherry Doctor Icecream

Choco Dream Doctor Icecream

Strawberry Doctor Icecream

Raspberry Doctor Icecream

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