Pistachio Classic Icecream

Pistachio Classic Doctor Icecream

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Pistachio Classic Ice Cream.


Helps blood circulation and nourishes your cells

Calcium is the mineral most present in the human body. So much abundance, since nothing is aimless in our physiology, it is already a first explanation of its importance. If the largest quantity is in the bones, its task is not only that of giving solidity to the skeleton (which, moreover, it can only do thanks to vitamin D). The health of muscles, nerves, heart and brain depends (also) on calcium. A weakening of the bone structure, or a deficiency of this mineral, has negative effects on the whole organism.


Vitamin D, a fundamental substance

D is one of the most “mysterious” vitamins, just think that the first vague awareness of its existence dates back only to 1919. At that time Kurt Huldschinsky, a German pediatrician, realized that by exposing some children affected by rickets to ultraviolet rays (a childhood disease that manifests itself as a weakening of the bones) a significant improvement in their condition was obtained. Much progress has been made since then, in the knowledge of what continues to be called a vitamin but which, in reality, is much more like a hormone. The very fact that Nature made it possible for us to produce it independently (with the exclusive help of the sun) is an indication of its importance: to have it available, it was unthinkable to have to depend on a food that could have run out or run out. Unfortunately, today we desperately need vitamin D: the life we ​​lead, mostly sedentary and for most of the time spent between four walls, makes us deficient.

For heart and arteries, both are needed

Calcium is present in practically every cell of the human body and vitamin D is essential for it to be able to be assimilated and to perform its duties at best. Calcium and vitamin D are essential for the correct functioning of the circulatory system, which allows nutrients and oxygen to reach every single cell. They keep the blood vessels healthy and have a regulatory action on blood pressure values, allowing for proper blood clotting, in case of cuts and wounds.

Dr icecream Pistachios


100g to Pistachio Icecream  ONLY 269 KCAL

Energy value 269Kcal
Carbohydrates 27.51g
Protein 20.27g
Lipids 45.39 g
    Saturated fatty acids 5.5g
    Polyunsaturated fatty acids 13.74g
    Monounsaturated fatty acids 23.82g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 1mg
Dietary fiber 10.3g
Sugar 7.6g
Alcohol 0g

table relative to 100g